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Pamela Pesante

Life Coach

Intuitve and Prophetess


About me

My name is Pamela,  I am a Twin Flame & Light worker.  I have been a light worker my whole life. In 1998 I was guided to do readings, but did not buy my first tarot deck till 2005. I am slow to act.  I also discovered on my spiritual quest for enlightenment that I am a twin flame.  

My twin flame journey began on 12/21/12  this date represents the Mayan calendars end of the world prophecy.  It was the end of the 3D world as I knew it.  As I sought answers I was guided to the Twin Flame journey.  There was a profound evolution of my soul when I met my Twin.  My work now represents the emergence of a Twin recently in yet another separation stage.  Having gone through the work to clear my blocks to love, I am now an active warrior on the ascension path.   As a light worker and agent of change I get to guide others on the twin flame path as well as those who are on the ascension journey.  

I view myself as employed by God who has equipped me with the gifts and the desire to bring as many people to Him and to love as crosses my path.  I channel messages from God and the angels to facilitate your guidance on the ascension path.  I am excited to finally be able to  share my experiences as a child of God and a Twin Flame!  

I am so blessed & honored to be of service to the collective. 


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My Services

I am an intuitive who is guided by God and the angels to assist people on their path to greatness.  God and your angels want to help you clear any blocks that are preventing you from experiencing, peace, love, joy, fullfullment in relationships and work.  God and the angels use me to relay messages to those that are ready to listen.  


 Good Morning and I wanted to say what a beautiful reading n  sending u love ❤️ n hugs  to u!...I now see why I keep seeing white  beautiful butterflies I was drawn to hearing this reading n so thank u n God  bless u!..💕💕💕💕  Pat M

 It is always a blessing to hear the same encouragement I hear from God coming from your voice Keep up the good work!  This reminds me to voice this encouragement with love to others because it empowers all who hear it.  Tami R

 Thanks Pam I read your blog and it all makes so much sense , thank you soooo much for this clarity ❤️  Linda

 Lovely reading 💫✨💥and thank you for leading me back to God , the people in church said these cards are not of the spirit so following you Pam with the related bible verses is making me feel alive in HIS love for me . I have been so blessed in the past and protected. I’m able to connect myself to HIS character spiritually ✨sending you love and light ☀️ 

 Wow. A really good one. Goes right to the truth, really resonated with me. THANKS again for your ability to receive and translate such truth, you're in the flow for sure.  Whitney

 Wow, Pamela!  I did end up in sadness and isolation last night (Memorial Day)....I really see how my fears and old patterns encourage the DM to act on old patterns as well.  This has been a real eye-opener!  I am scared of this relationship (which apparently is "in my best interest)....I have received "a new level of understanding," however......Much love...xoxo   Anonymous

 Thank you for your positive voice and your focus on God’s interaction 

 Remarkably insightful reading. Thank you very much for being altruistic enough for sharing your clairvoyance with the public.  Audrey

 Thank you for all that you are offering...your wisdom and interpretation are beautiful, your clarity of faith is beautiful. Thank you for sharing so freely.  W

 I really enjoyed this reading. Strangely when you were talking about the peacock and its colours I was walking past a few students on my campus who had set up a small table where you could leave random messages of gratitude and at that moment I locked eyes with a picture of a peacock someone had coloured in pencils. A strange and wonderful moment of synchronicity! Ary

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