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Life & Spiritual Coach

About me

My name is Pamela,  I am a Twin Flame & Light worker.  I have been a light worker my whole life. In 1998 I was guided to do readings, but did not buy my first tarot deck till 2005. I am slow to act.  I also discovered on my spiritual quest for enlightenment that I am a twin flame.   I learned later that I wasn't prepared to engage in my gifts until I underwent what I refer to as God University.  In layman's terms a  complete surrender of my life as I had known it. 

My twin flame journey began on 12/21/12  this date represents the Mayan calendars end of the world prophecy.  It was the end of the 3D world as I knew it.  As I sought answers I was guided to the Twin Flame journey.  There was a profound evolution of my soul when I met my Twin.   Having gone through a lot of the work to clear my blocks to love, and by  remaining in a constant state of learning,  I am now an active warrior on the ascension path.   As a light worker and agent of change I get to guide others on the twin flame path as well as those who are on the ascension journey.  

I view myself as employed by God who has equipped me with the gifts and the desire to bring as many people to Him and to love as crosses my path.  I channel messages from God and the angels to facilitate your guidance on the ascension path.  I am excited to finally be able to  share my experiences as a child of God and a Twin Flame!  

I am so blessed & honored to be of service to the collective.   Thank you for being a part of my journey. 

Love & Relationship Readings

What To Expect

My readings are incredibly accurate for the person at the time of the reading,  I call on God for His loving assistance to use me as a vessel of love to convey clear messages.   I will always ask permission to access your guides and angels so they  too may use me as  a channel to convey guidance to you for your journey.   Your personal reading may be scheduled live  if you are in the area, or over the internet using video chat.  You  have an option, at  checkout, for a video recorded message for your review at a later date.